Crowd Conservation is a staunch supporter of the following initiatives, organizations, and partnerships. These are great examples of how building connections across states and regions, across industries and conservation, and among peers can lead to long-lasting impacts for nature and our communities.

Emerging Leadership Initiative – We are proud to partner with the WCCN to develop the Emerging Leadership Initiative as a member of the Emerging Leadership Working Group, with the goal of improving mentorship and supporting emerging leaders from marginalized communities.

Sustain Music and Nature creates partnerships between the music industry and environmental organizations. By connecting musicians and nature organizations, we increase awareness about the work of both. Sustain also promotes environmentally sound practices across all aspects of the music industry.

Our lead facilitator Nicole Reese has sat on the Board of Directors for Sustain since this organization launched in 2015 and supported it’s efforts to build partnerships with environmental organizations.

Integrated Monitoring in Bird Conservation Regions – Building partnerships for bird conservation across the western region.

Nicole has facilitated the annual IMBCR Partners meeting since 2017.

Over the years, Nicole facilitated the creation of the IMBCR Vision Statement and the IMBCR Communications Strategy to support partners in sharing the benefits and need for this monitoring program.

Center for Collaborative Conservation – Growing from a contract at the beginning of 2020, Nicole has worked with the CCC to support the development of their communications, as well as facilitation services the Center offers to local collaborative conservation efforts in the state of Colorado.

Nicole also began a communications internship at the CCC to provide the opportunity for students to build their skills in communication and facilitation of collaborative conservation efforts.

Western Collaborative Conservation Network – Through partnership with the CCC, Nicole has engaged with this West-wide network of conservation practitioners since 2020. Nicole supported the launch and development of WCCN’s communication channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, website, weekly e-newsletter “Collaboration Opportunities”, and the quarterly “Collaborative Voices” e-newsletter sharing stories, lessons learned, jobs, trainings, events, and funding opportunities with over 550 members of the Network.