To facilitate collaboration and engage communities in conservation


Crowd Conservation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes resilient communities and thriving ecosystems through collaborative  engagement between organizations, stakeholders, researchers, and the public. We provide skills and support for effective teams and the discovery, discussion, and implementation of improved policy and decision-making processes.


  • Engage communities through education, outreach, and science
  • Facilitate meetings and workshops
  • Promote knowledge sharing between practitioners
  • Provide training for facilitation and collaboration
  • Support on-the-ground conservation projects


Nicole Reese is the founder and lead facilitator for Crowd Conservation. Nicole’s passion is collaboration for conservation. In 2015 she completed her graduate degree in Conservation Leadership from Colorado State University. With over twelve years of field and lab experience in natural resources, Nicole’s current work focuses on stakeholder engagement, collaborative processes, and public participation in science. With the completed training with International Association for Public Participation for a certificate in the Fundamentals of Public Participation, Nicole uses her research and facilitation skills to build connections between communities and their environment.

Contact nicole@crowd-conservation.org for more information

Nicole Reese