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Resource: Message Box

I’ve had the pleasure of listening in on a couple of COMPASS presentations of their Message Box, a tool they created to help researchers communicate their science effectively. I think it’s a great resource to start developing a message or story about conservation issues.

They provide a free workbook that walks you through how to use their tool.

COMPASS supports scientists to effectively share their knowledge in the public discourse and decision-making. They provide training, coaching, more tools and resources, as well as opportunities to connect.

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Fort Collins Nonprofit Networking Group


In May I collaborated with Sarah Scobey, the Fort Collins Nonprofit Resources Librarian with the Poudre River Public Library, to create a pilot program that supports nonprofit organizations. After attending several nonprofit networking meetings in Denver, and small business meetings in Fort Collins, I realized that there was no such collaborative space for the many nonprofits in Northern Colorado. We created this pilot program to provide a support group that allows the people working with local nonprofits to talk together, network, and give each other a leg up. Continue reading

A night on the prairie

0406161934North of Fort Collins, Colorado.

One evening in early April I stood outside Nix Farm, headquarters for the Fort Collins Natural Areas Department. I met Mathew, the crew leader for this night’s adventure, as well as Jessie and Alethea who joined us as volunteers. Both students were pursuing minors in Conservation Biology at Colorado State University. We had all gathered for one purpose – to search for the elusive black-footed ferrets at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area. Continue reading

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